Our Community

We have a passion for dentistry and helping the Fort Worth community.  Annually, we volunteer our time and often our dental skills to provide benefit. Each year we try to help the community both with dental related volunteering and non dental volunteering.

Elementary School Career Day: Dentistry

We are passionate about spreading oral health awareness to our community. We created an interactive presentation this year for second graders. We disucssed the imporatance of healthy habits and home care with a group of 63 second graders for career day. We explained what causes decay and how to prevent decay. Dr. Brigati showed the students all of the different "hats" that a dentist wears each day.  Overall it was a great success. We enjoy using our dental puppets and wearing  tooth costumes to explain dentistry to young children. We are hoping we inspired a few students to consider being a part of a dental team in the future.

Medical Emergency Day in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Oral Surgey partnered up with the Fort Worth Fire Department for an outstanding day of education. It was a wonderful community event. We worked with the fire department on managing medical emergencies in both the community and own offices.


Save a Smile

Each year our team volunteers with 'Save a Smile' to screen school age children that are candidates for free dentistry in our community. Our office adopts four children from the 'Save a Smile' program during the calendar year and provides all of their dental treatment needs for them in our of


Dr Jessica Brigati | Our Community Fort Worth TX | Arlington TX


Fort Worth District Dental Society Charity Clay Shoot

Dr. Brigati and LaShann tried something new this year and participated in a clay shoot. Each year the Fort Worth District Dental Society helps raise money for their organization which benefits patients all over the community. LaShann and Dr. Brigati both had a blast and a few sore spots after they finished the tournament.

The Women's Center of Fort Worth

As a team we try to vounteer outside of dentistry when we can. This year we chose The Women's Center of Fort Worth.  Dr. Brigati, through the Fort Worth Junior League, wanted to give back to a local charity. We helped wrap presents for center that would be given out during the holidays.


Pre-school Education Day

We are passionate about educating our kiddos on the importance of brushing, flossing and creating healthy habits. We give back to the Fort Worth community by giving dental "tooth "talks" to school aged children in different schools across Fort Worth. This year we worked wtih a local preschool on creating healthy habits to prevent cavities. We sang funny dental songs and worked with them with our dental puppets.


Dr Jessica Brigati | Our Community Fort Worth TX | Arlington TX

Dr Jessica Brigati | Our Community Fort Worth TX | Arlington TX


Salvation Army

For the past nine years we have joined the Fort Worth Salvation Army in sorting toys, clothes and supplies for the holiday season. We had a blast helping out and made the event fun by dressing in holiday attire.



Salt and Light Community Dental Clinic

Each year we volunteer in Fort Worth at a local free dental clinic. This year we offered free dental services to those in need through the Salt and Light Clinic. We helped those in need through dental cleanings, extractions and composite restorations.