Office Photo Album

We love spending time inside and outside of the office together! Each quarter we plan happy hours, bowling nights, laser tag events, 5K team runs and painting nights to name a few. We would not be able to provide an exceptional level of service without our cohesive dental team.


Halloween Celebration 2021

This year we turned our office into the Brigati farm. We had a famer, a few cows, a chicken and a pig. It is always fun to see the smiles on our patients faces when they walk in for their appointments on our dress up days. We handed out prizes and treats and overall had a fabulous day.




Team Leadership Day

We wanted to challenge ourselves this year. As a team, with the help of Blake Amos and the Trinity Valley School TOE program, we worked on our leadership skills.  We challenged ourselves by working together on their ropes courses and their team building events. Overall it was a fantastic day.

2019 Holiday Season

We love creating special events over the holiday season. This year we created a polar express day, pajama day, crazy sock day, holiday accessory day and a holiday cookie day for our family of patients.


Halloween 2019: Disney Princesses

We turned our suite into a Disney castle this year for Halloween. We went out of our comfort zone and became Disney Princesses for a day. We had Bell, Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Anna and Elsa. We gave out goodies to our patients and had a fun photo booth. This is one of our favorite days of the year.


17th Annual Pumpkin Contest

We love the month of October! Every year each team member decorates a pumpkin and we turn it into a huge contest for both the team and our patients. You would think that after seventeen years we would run out of creative ideas! This year we had a fantastic array of pumpkins.


2019 Academy of General Dentistry Top Dentist Nomminee

Dr Brigati was honored by the Texas Academy of General Dentistry this year. She was one of fourteen general dentists in the state of Texas that was nomminated for this great award. The ceremony was in Austin in the fall of 2019. It is the academy of awards of general dentistry. Dr. Brigati attended the ceremony with her husband Dr. Mike Malloy. We are so proud of her nommination and all of her achievements.

2019 Axe Throwing Team Event

This year we decided to challenge ourselves by getting  out of our comfort zones. We went to Fort Worth Axe Factory and worked on perfecting our throwing techniques. We learned three different ways to properly throw the axe and how to nail a bullseye. Overall it was a fantastic team event! If you haven't tried this out you may want to think about giving Fort Worth Axe Factory a call.


2019 Fort Worth Academy of General Denistry Symposium

We love team continuing education. This year we joined the Fort Worth Academy of General Dentistry and attended their spring symposium. We took home many pearls that day to enhance our patient experiences.



2018 Holiday Party

This year Dr. Brigati surprised her team with a shopping  party and Clearfork. Everyone met at Starbucks and then she gave each team member cash to spend at the shops at Clearfork in Fort Worth.  The ladies had to buy everything in just under and hour. Afterwards they  had a delicious lunch at Fixe and took photos with Santa. It was a beautiful day for a party


Fall 2018 Team Cooking Class

This fall we tried something a little different for our quarterly team event. We went to Sur La Table and took a baking class together. We made braided bread and chocolate cinnamon babka. Who knew just how complicated it was to braid six layers together at one time! Happy high holidays to all of our patients.

Halloween 2018: A Bee Keeper and Her Bees

This year we turned out office into a Bee Hive. Dr. Brigati dressed up as a Bee Keeper and the rest of the team were the office Bees. We handed out bee themed candy and fresh flowers to our patients that visited our office that day. We decorated the outside of our suite with a large hive and six bees flying around. Over all it was a fantastic day to celebrate with our patients.  Halloween is by far our favorite holiday!

Fall Pumpkin Contest 2018

Every year for the past sixteen years each team members decorates a pumpkin for the month of October. It becomes a very competitive contest with each team member trying to out decorate each other. This year our patients helped vote for their favorite pumpkin both in the office and our our social media accounts. It was a close race!

Spring 2018 Spa Day

Every year Dr. Brigati takes our team out to the spa. This year we had both manicures and pedicures and loved every minute of it.

Halloween 2017: Welcome to Pooh Corner

We love to dress up for Halloween and typically start planning in early July for the big event. Our office building holds a Halloween contest each year for best group costume, best door decorations, and best individual costume. In the sixteen years that we have participated, we almost always win one of the awards. This year we went back to pre-school days and turned our office into Winnie the Pooh.  Dr. Brigati dressed up as Winnie the Pooh and gave honey to each our patients. We collectd lots of local honey to give out to our patients from a local farmers market. We had team members that dress up as Kanga, Owl, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. We had such a blast in our patient photo booth and loved handing out our treats to everyone. Lots of our patients came in to see our decorations even when they did not have an appointment that day.






Top Golf 2017

We spent an afternoon this fall at Top Golf in Fort Worth. What a wonderful day. We had amazing drinks, food and played golf for many hours!




Spinning Wheel Contest 2017

We love patient contests! This year we held a spinning wheel contest and gave out lots of office prizes. We handed out Sonicare toothbrushes, bleaching kits, funny teeth and many more. Overall it was a great day and everyone had fun!





Spreading December Cheer 2017

At the end of each year we celebrate as an office with lots of different themed days. This year we had tacky sweater day, pajama day, cheesy sock day and team holiday shirt day! It was a fun way to spent the last two weeks of the year as a team. We handed out Santa Sleighs made our of candy to our patients as gifts.






Specialist and Patient Appreciation Gifts

We always feel loved and appreciated by both our patients and specialists that we use. They are always surprising us with deserts, lunch, and funny gift packages. We even play practical jokes on each other. A few times a month patients drop by goodies to us and it always brightens our day. We have received baked goods, flip flop packages, movie tickets, sports drinks, Sonic happy hour drinks, breakfast tacos, doughnuts and many more. We have the best specialists and patients.