Oral Hygiene

We are committed to making sure your oral cavity is healthy and well taken care of. We believe in educating our patients about how to maintain and achieve a healthy mouth.

Hygiene Visits

We treat each patient as an individual. We base your recommended hygiene recall appointments on several factors that will be discussed with you. We monitor your amount of bleeding, plaque levels, home care, recession and bone loss in order to come up with a personalized schedule to help you achieve a healthy mouth. Our recommended hygiene schedules vary from once a year to every two months, depending on your respective oral health needs.

Oral Abnormalities Screening

Dental Cleaning | Periodontal Disease Treatment Fort Worth TX | Arlington TXAt each hygiene appointment we will provide a detailed extraoral and intraoral abnormality and tissue changes screening. The rate of oral cancer is on the rise and is currently associated with more factors than just smoking and alcohol use. There has been a rise in the amount of oral cancers that are associated with the HPV virus. We offer a more detailed screening using a VELscope® device which increases our ability to detect oral abnormalities in your mouth. Studies have shown that your risk for oral cancer can increase if you have a history of a previous cancer, acid reflux, GERD or an abnormal pap smear.

Periodontal Disease

We take periodontal disease seriously and are always monitoring your mouth. Periodontal disease affects your mouth, gums, teeth and the bone surrounding your teeth. Many people that have periodontal disease are symptom free. Depending on your risk factors we will come up with a periodontal protocol for your mouth at our office.

Proper Nutrition

At your new patient appointment we will look at your risk factors and the decay rate in your mouth. If we find that you have a high decay rate, or might be at risk for developing a higher decay rate, we will provide nutritional counseling in conjunction with eradicating decay from your mouth. This helps to maintain a cavity free mouth. A whole foods based diet can make a world of difference in helping you keep bacteria forming decay out of your mouth.